Lavi Tang’s Portfolio


Winter 2021

Logo Design



A redesign of a gold-standard archive for new media art.


Redesign the brand of an existing company and to learn how to visually communicate the brand more effectively.


As a big fan of new media art, I chose to help Rhizome establish themselves with an individual identity so that they can enrich and standout in the public’s understanding of internet art and culture. 

For new media artists and art enthusiasts, Rhizome is the leading art organization that lets you dive into the world of net art. Through its forward-thinking programs, Rhizome champions new and emerging artistic practices that both influence and engage the public via networked technologies.

Art meets internet.

Our customized logotype represents the core of Rhizome’s existence on the web. It symbolizes the transition between physical world and digital interface. The work that Rhizome curates reflects the nature of the internet, an environment that is rapidly evolving. We want Rhizome to be represented as deftly adaptable to both the pace of technology as well as the worldwide web.

Color + Typography

Rhizome’s color palette reflects the nature of the art that is curated, pushing the identity to be striking and distinct in public spaces. The vibrant blue and yellow are meant to make the artist’s work pop at a distance, while sustaining the message and mission of their work.

Along with its customized logotype, Neue Haas Grotesk brings a fresh, classic energy to the out-of-the-box work that Rhizome curates.