Lavi Tang’s Portfolio


Winter 2021, 2 weeks

Product Design
Experience Design

Figma, Protopie,
Illustrator, After Effects


A fun and simple chess clock built for players of all levels and speed. 


For my Interface 1 class, I was tasked to redesign the usability and visual design of an existing timer app. 

My redesign focuses on making chess more playful and less-serious, while maintaining the core functions of timer settings, game styles, and interface interactions. 

Original App

Initial Research

I began the redesign by evaluating the original app using Heuristic Analysis. Jakob Nielsen’s heuristic framework, or rules of thumb, work to help evaluate the effectiveness of a user interface and how well it performs.

I also conducted user interviews to get a better understanding of how people use and respond to existing chess clock apps.
I first asked them questions about their experiences using chess clock apps, and then asked them to test out the apps I selected for them.

Pain Points

After preliminary research, I identified three main pain points in regards to match between system and real world, flexibility and efficiency of use, and recognition rather than recall. 

Full write-up coming soon!