Smart home devices that mediate tension between roommates

Vento & Verbi
IoT Design
Everyday, roommates who live together in shared spaces have difficulty expressing their emotions when experiencing conflict with one another. Vento & Verbi is a IoT device set that creates emotional relief for those confronted by stressful home situations.

Meet Verbi.

Verbi allows users to send messages to their roommates. When a message is received,
Verbi’s head spins 360 degrees uncontrollably.
It is meant to be an urgent– yet fun, notification.

Roommates can contact each other through the dial. This is a slow interaction meant to enable reflection before conflict ensues.

The Calm State
When there is no message, Verbi’s head sits on the base.
Contacting a Specific Roommate
Dial the number of which roommate you want to send a reply to.
This is to confirm the user is sending to the correct channel.

Roommate Fobs
All fobs are unique to each roommate and their respective number. They utilize magnetic technology in order to stop the verbalizer from spinning & solve conflict when in-person mediation occurs.
Stop Verbi’s Spins
Connects to the top of Verbi’s head to stop the voice message from repeatedly playing. This only works when using the fob of the roommate initially sent the message.

Meet Vento.

This device allows users to get their emotions
out before confronting another roommate with
a problem.

Talk To Me
Vento gives roommates a smile upon initiation. Users can talk through
the 'Talk to me' button. Users can rephrase what they say to be nicer,
if they are unable to control their anger.

Recording a Message
Mic records the message and speaker repeats the
rephrased message out loud.

Crank It Out!
Turn the crank to send a message. This process is meant to be slow, to enable reflection.

Behind the Scenes
Once our render was built digitally, we used 3D printers to create scaled prototypes. 

Early Sketch

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